We are Vastu Home, which provides natural energy. The design based on ancient architecture wisdom (Vastu Vidya) absorbs energy easily according to Vedas, which ensures that building and environment will have only healing influences

Amaravati is in perfect harmony between individual and cosmic life, helping you bring back the memory of balance in a peaceful place surrounded by nature; this is the perfect atmosphere to enroll in the way of holistic wellness.

​We serve Sattvic Ayurveda meals; seasonal and fresh food which some planted by us in our place.

As you know Amaravati Wellness Center is a place for retreats, recharge and getting back with more energy than before; we have support for groups and individual retreats.

We are established to improve holistic health: including room, meals, treatments, yoga, and meditation.


Salt water-Swiming pool

Suriyan Shala

Buddha Shala

Kanesh Shala

Shiva Shala