Retreat Programs


According to Vastu Vidya, the north side is proper for treatment. We provide service under name “Origan” on this side. Origan means an aromatic herb. In Origan we have private and share rooms for Thai Herbal Body Steam, Thai Yoni Steam, Thai Oil Massage and Thai Body Massage.

Amaravati Wellness Center is the natural source of internal energy through Vatu Vidya. A place to inhale and exhale the purity of nature while staying and performing any retreats. A habitat for mindfulness.

Amaravati Wellness Center has designed an exclusive holistic TUNE UP IMMUNE program for your well-being. A unique combination of Indian Ayurveda and Thai Traditional Treatment. Our programs are created by our therapist and nutritionist, with proven experience. The harmonizing flow of Therapies, Massage, Sound Healing, Fasting, Nutrition Meal, Meditation, Yoga and Natural Energy will revitalize and rejuvenate your body, mind and inner spirit.

Origan Spa Services

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Herbals Steam
Cafe’ Scrub
Hot Compress
Thai Body Massage
Aroma Oil Massage
Sound Bath
CBD Hot Compress
Swim in Saltwater